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Photo of Saguaro Office by Ron Dempsey

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The Saguaro Escapee Co-op Park is located in southeastern Arizona, near the city of Benson.

The park is open the year around.

The office is open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Sunday. The office is closed on some holidays.

In order to register for a site with hookups, you will need to check in when the office is open.

You can self-register for a dry-camping boondock site if you arrive after the office has closed for the day or on a holiday.

For our rates and regulations, visit our Rates and Regulations page. (Note - We can only take credit cards from visitors at this time.)

For our location, visit our Maps and Driving Instructions page.

We have 297 leaseholder lots, many of which are available for rent by SKP travelers with RVs, 44 long-term rental sites, and 28 dry-camp sites.

For information about becoming a member of our Co-op, and obtaining a lot of your own, see our pages How to Become a Leaseholder, and Lots Available.

How to Become a Leaseholder outlines the rules, regulations, and procedures pertaining to membership in the SKP Saguaro Co-op.

Lots Available gives details of lots that are available for transfer from one leasehold to another, as well as details of lots available to new members.

Our facilities include rest rooms, showers, laundry, 30 and 50 amp power, city utilities, cable TV, dump station, clubhouse, exercise room, library, kitchen, paved roads, and overflow storage.

We have an extensive program of social events, exercise classes, and educational seminars for the education and enjoyment of leaseholders and visiting SKPs. For a detailed listing of these, visit our Activities page.

The park buildings and grounds are modern and immaculate. The picture above is of our office — the first building you will see and visit when you arrive at the Saguaro Escapee Park. Visit our Photos page for more pictures of the park.

The surrounding desert and mountains are gorgeous. Our sunrises and sunsets have no equal. Visit our Photos page for pictures of the surrounding area.

To learn about some of the possibilities for interesting side trips while you are staying at SKP Saguaro, visit our Nearby Attractions page.

Visit our Employment Opportunities page to learn about positions available.